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Latest news:

WE number 1...9/24/04

WE's new album "Smugglers", released on the bands own label Nun Music (Norway only so far), entered the official Norwegian top 40 sales chart this week at a sensational number 1 !!!! Ten years of hard work has paid off. Black Balloon Records would like to congratulate the band and remind everybody that the bands two previous releases "Dinosauric Futurobic" (2002) and "Lightyears Ahead" (2003) are of course still available.

El Caco recording...9/10/04

El Caco have started recording the follow-up to 2003's "Solid Rest". Expected release on Black Balloon Records will be March 2005.

Distribution news...9/10/04

Black Balloon Records have made a distribution deal with Playground Music. They will take over distribution in Norway, Sweden and Finland. The deal also includes new territory for Black Balloon Records : Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuenia and Russia. Re-release of the backcatalogue on Monday 13th September.

Camaros + Tony Hawk...9/10/04

"Cheesecake" from Camaros' debut album "Romantique" will feature on the new Activision game "Tony Hawk's Underground 2" (THUG2). Info, trailer etc of THUG2 can be found here : http://www.activision.com/microsite/thug2/thug.html . The game will be out mid October.

Lowdown video on MetalSvisj...9/10/04

Lowdown's "Breakdown" video can now be seen on MetalSvisj on Norwegian channel NRK2 every Wednesday night/Thursday Morning between 00.40 and 03.00. If you're in Norway you can request the video by sending sms V2136 to 2008.

WE on own label...9/10/04

The new WE album "Smugglers" will be out in Norway this coming Monday (September 13th), but not on Black Balloon Records. The band will release the album on their own label. What will happen outside Norway is not decided at this point.

WE at the Quart festival...3/28/04

WE will play this years Quart Festival in Kristiansand, Norway on Saturday 10th July. You can find the line-up at www.quart.no

WE European tour...1/26/04

WE embark on a short European tour in March, supporting their latest Norwegian Grammy- (Spellemann) nominated minialbum "Lightyears Ahead". WE bring the New York based powertrio Kreisor as special guest on all eurodates. All dates in the live section. Some more dates to be announced soon.
Meanwhile WE are in Gothenburg, Sweden finishing the mix of their next album.

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El Caco - Solid Rest
El Caco
Solid rest
> Download:
A Nice Day.mp3 (3,4 Mb)

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Lowdown - Unknown
Release date April 28 2003 (Norway)
> Download:
Lowdown: Intenz.mp3 (4,2 Mb)

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El Caco - A Nice day
El Caco
A Nice Day
Vinyl 7" single.
500 copies.
> Download:
El Caco: A Nice Day.mp3 (3,4 Mb)

WE -  Dinosauric Futurobic
Dinosauric Futurobic
> Download:
Carefree.mp3 (3,5 Mb)

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WE -  Lightyears Ahead
Lightyears Ahead
> Download:
WE: Kickin'.mp3 (3,9 Mb)

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Romantique - CAMAROS
> Download:
Cheesecake.mp3(3,3 Mb)

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